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Best T2 usb device 2018[edit]

Have a roof areal and can visually see the transmitter, TV never has a signal problem

  • Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD - Fantastic, stable and works well with my signal so far records all channels, dual support is not currently in main line kernel or v4l though patches can be found.
  • PCTV nanoStick T2 - unstable with my signal
  • DVB-T210 - unstable with my signal

Compro Videomate ir[edit]

configure udev


Remotely running and remotely display x apps[edit]

xauth add `xauth -f /var/run/gdm3/auth-for-mythtv-*/database list`
export DISPLAY=:0

Keyboard doesn't work with xorg.conf[edit]

AllowEmptyInput magic

Section "ServerFlags"
   Option         "blank time" "0"
   Option         "standby time" "0"
   Option         "suspend time" "0"
   Option         "off time" "0"
   # allow keyboard to be auto detected without specifying one
   Option  "AllowEmptyInput"       "false"

ir keymap now handled by kernel, lirc not required[edit]

create and edit keymap

find your input device and extract the current map:

   ir-keytable --read --device=/dev/input/event12 > hauppauge

save it in the normal place:


test it by loading the new file ir-keytable -w /etc/rc_keymaps/hauppauge

add entry to /etc/rc_maps.cfg

   *	rc-hauppauge		 hauppauge