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Sun Certified Enterprise Architect[edit]



Section 1 Software design[edit]

Section 2 JEE Architecture[edit]

Section 3 JEE Messaging Technologies[edit]

Section 4 JEE EJB Transactions[edit]

Beans, Classes and States Persistence Strategies Business Components as Web Services EJB 3

Section 5 Web frameworks[edit]

Section 6 Design Patterns[edit]

6.1 Java EE Modular Solutions Given a specified business problem, design a modular solution that solves the problem using Java EE.

6.2 Service Oriented Architecture Explain how the Java EE platform enables service oriented architecture (SOA) -based applications.

6.3 Monitoring Non-Functional Requirements Explain how you would design a Java EE application to repeatedly measure critical non-functional requirements and outline a standard process with specific strategies to refactor that application to improve on the results of the measurements.

Section 7 Security[edit]

Java Security Frameworks

JRE Security

Applet Security

Security API

Security and Deployment Descriptors

Attack Vectors