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Setup with no display

- Plug in the ethernet cable and pull out the power plug. - Do a factory reset. Point the remote at the display while pressing

 the ADD ("+") button.  Plug in the power plug and count to 7, then
 release the ADD button on the remote.

- Welcome to Squeezebox. Wait 15 seconds and it will push right by


- Language selection. Press right-arrow to select English. - Set up networking. Press right-arrow. - Choose wireless or ethernet. Press down-arrow once, then

 right-arrow for ethernet.

- IP address. Press right-arrow to choose DHCP. - Wait 30 seconds. Press right-arrow to select your SqueezeCenter

 server that (hopefully) it will have found.

The timing isn't really critical. For the factory setup you have to hold the button pressed for (I'm guessing) at least 5 seconds, but if you hold it too long you end up forcing another factory reset after it reboots. The 15 seconds just means wait at least 15 seconds. DHCP negotiation usually takes only a few seconds, but I've sometimes seen it take 10-20 seconds on my network.

Factory reset, right, right, down, right, right, right.

NET-UDAP perl script for setup

wifi cards

SAMSUMG NP-R40 17-000660 Sony Vaio VGN-FS515H Internal WLAN WIFI Wireless Card Board 178901432 AR5BMB5 search for AR5BMB5 in the description

squeezebox boom problems

malloc fail


build your own

Make sure you have enough power if driving a touch screen and the pi or you get nasty pops

configure the screen

Edit the config.txt in the first partition add the lines for your touch device e.g.

 hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0

calibrate touch screen


make jivelite use the touch library and the right input

copy the jivelite off the device ssh or mount the sd card:

 scp tc@pi-machine:/mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/optional/pcp-jivelite.tcz .


 unsquashfs pcp-jivelite.tcz
 vi squashfs-root/opt/jivelite/bin/jivelite.sh

change prefix the jive lite command to say

 SDL_MOUSEDRV=TSLIB SDL_MOUSEDEV=/dev/input/by-id/usb-WaveShare_WaveShare_Touchscreen_2016-11-06-event-if00 /opt/jivelite/bin/jivelite >> /var/log/jivelite.log 2>&1


 mksquashfs squashfs-root/ pcp-jivelite.tcz -noappend -always-use-fragments

copy it back

= bluetooth audio input

not yet working

stopping squeezelight and running the following works:

   bluealsa-aplay -d plughw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd,DEV=0 00:00:00:00:00:00

using the following radio url doesn't work: